Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers

Slot machine test: Wizard of Oz ruby slippers

The story of the wizard of Oz is the young girl who has found the way to Oz by a cyclone world-famous, although the actual main character, at least in the most films, Dorothy was. As Wizard of Oz ruby slippers Williams interactive has once again on the reels the history and creating an interesting game where the fun to come. This version is mainly about the Ruby Slippers, the Dorothy receives from the witch. Interestingly these shoes in the original text are silver, but were in the film version of 1939 to red slippers so that you could see it better. But the story itself plays of course in a slot machine a subordinate role, even if the icons very well reflect what makes this wonderful and modern fairy tales.

Wizard of Oz ruby slippers play for free, is also possible. If you rather want to play for real money, you can go directly to. A registration in the CasinoEuro where the slot is offered is advisable for both ways. You doing you on a fantastic journey, the people pulling for over one hundred years under her spell.

Play Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers online now!

Wizard of Oz ruby slippers play online

Even if such occur in history, this is so slot game Wizard of Oz ruby slippers not rocket science. It's going very solid matter and profits come not simply randomly flying to, but are the result of probabilities. Each symbol has to appear a certain chance on the reels. The selteren symbols are therefore valuable, especially relating to the bonus features. But before it comes to that, you need line gains first. This means that the same symbols to a number together and throw off profits this way.

The five reels testify also that a winning line of up to five symbols indicating what would be very beneficial for your profit. But also the thirty payline, which are very important for your chances of winning are important. For each active line, you pay a regular service, so you can so reduce the total use with disabling lines. Ever higher but the line usage in Wizard of Oz ruby slippers, the higher can also profit ever fail, the in the has based much on the value of the symbol, which made the winning line.

Slot game symbols in the wizard of Oz ruby slippers online slot

The symbols from Wizard of Oz slippers come Ruby of course especially fans their money's worth, even if the ruby slippers were originally times silver. It begins with the four harmless, but not to unterschätzenden symbols, which can give you smaller profits: the hourglass, the lollipop, the picnic basket and the Red Apple. It continues with the Green Witch and toto, Dorothy's dog. The White Witch is also and surpassing her sister in the value. Then comes a symbol on the Dorothy and her three friends can be seen. This symbol followed by the logo of the game and the jackpot. The logo is one even for themselves, is responsible for replacing other symbols but above all also significantly, so like a Joker.

Slot machines instructions of Wizard of Oz ruby slippers

The step to the Wizard of Oz ruby slippers play is not far away. Just in the slot casino login and go there. With a previous deposit, you do of course also real benefits. What are your chances to do so, depends also of your settings, you can do new in each round. One of usage, on the other hand the payline. In the paytable you can once again all symbols and lines of Wizard of Oz ruby slippers look at.

Conclusion to the wizard of Oz ruby slippers

A story that you just have to love and the perfect casino slot machine was implemented. The reason is that the symbols included not only beautiful pictures, but also the values and functions, to be profitable for you. Clear recommendation for Wizard of Oz ruby slippers.

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